VESL in 2015 and beyond…

I’m sad to say that this year [2014] was the last time VESL will be sending volunteers abroad. We have had an amazing 11 years working with some extremely hard-working people on projects I genuinely believe were worthwhile and made a difference to the local communities.

I would like to thank all the past volunteers and coordinators, host families, in-country managers and fellow trustees, and most of all our two programme directors who formed VESL and kept it going through thick and thin – Ian Livingstone and Tom Harrison.

Our hope is to develop a new funding model for VESL with an aim to return in 2015 as an educational grant-giving body – watch this space for more details. We are also hoping to arrange a reunion for all volunteers who have worked on VESL projects since 2003.

In the meantime, we would love to hear how VESL has made a difference in your lives and what experiences you had in Thailand, India, and the place where it all began, Sri Lanka and welcome posts on the VESL facebook page.

Dr Adrian Hayes
Outgoing Chair of the Board of Trustees

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