Fundraising Idea: Christmas Cake Stall

Get Making Your Christmas Pudding!

Lots of our volunteers run cake stalls throughout the year at their university’s or places of work, get in the festive spirit this season and run a Christmas Cake stall.

You can make plenty of Christmas themed cakes/biscuits, the BBC Good Food website is a great place to start, check out some of the following recipes:

You could ask your friends to help out by helping you to cook some of the Christmas delights! If you’re feeling in a particularly baking mood you could also make your own Christmas Puddings!

Make sure you let you friends know via Facebook & Twitter about your stall and encourage them to tell their friends, so you get lots of footfall and raise as much money as possible!

Or if you’re feeling lazy or not in the mood for baking, you can always buy some Christmas cakes from your nearest supermarket!

A Little Bit Extra

‘Reindeer Food’ is a great, easy thing to make to sell at your stall – all you need to do as put some oats and glitter in a cellophane bag.  Then write some home made tags that say ” Sprinkle this special Reindeer Food in your garden on Christmas Eve so Rudolph can see your house and deliver your Christmas presents ready to be opened on Christmas morning!”. 

Check out our last blog ‘Name the Reindeer’ as another opportunity to fundraise at your stall!

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