Fundraising: Chilli Challenge

One of our Volunteer Co-ordinators, Renata, set herself a chilli challenge – check out her experience!

Are you looking for a challenge? Ever wondered how spicy the hottest chilli in the world was? Well, I have got the perfect fundraising idea for you! Why not do a chilli challenge?

Not only does this help you raise money, it also keeps your donators entertained and gives them an idea of how committed you are to your cause! It is also the opportunity to do something you never would have done otherwise!

I decided to do a chilli challenge this year and it has proved very successful so far. I took a look at the Scoville Scale and decided on my starting chilli. Then, I committed to take a hotter chilli for every £25 that was donated to me. I have fundraised enough money to get to the top of the scale and I am only 1 chilli away from the Caroline Reaper, the hottest chilli in the whole world. Although a few of the chillies are REALLY REALLY HOT and burn your mouth, this is one of the best challenges I have ever taken! It is fun and although you dread the next chilli, you feel so proud once you have done it!

I would definitely recommend doing a chilli challenge. But if the heat scares you, then why not set yourself another challenge? Meat or sugar lover? Then how about going vegetarian or sugar-free for a month or until your target is reached??! Take some pictures and keep the fundraising going!

Good luck with your fundraising and get the challenges going!

Renata has now raised over £600 on her Just Giving page. Join us in saying a massive well done for enduring the heat of the challenge challenge! Are you inspired? Let us know if you do a similar challenge!

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