Fundraising: 24 hour erg

Volunteer Laura, from Keele University, is going to Thailand this summer for six weeks, in order to raise money Laura set up a 24 hour erg marathon with the University Boat Club. Check out how she got on here…

photo 2Keele University Boat Club was only set up in 2010 and so far has concentrated it’s efforts on improving and racing, now we can say that we are also have a big presence in the charity side of sport! Organising the event of keeping 3 erg-rowing machines going for a full 24 hours wasn’t easy, convincing rowers and friends to give up hours (many through the night and early hours) during deadlines and other commitments. But I’m so proud to say they really pulled through, many (including me! :D) completing over 30km each! It was completely exhausting, tears were shed, blisters were popped and there was lots and lots of sweat and together we managed to pull through a HUGE 616.5km, taking us from Keele to well past Paris. I’ve never been prouder!

We raised an impressive £270 so far, half of all raised going to VESL, half going to the great Anthony Nolan Marrow, a cause close to a lot of hearts in the club – so keep the sponsors up as we’ll all still be paying for this in our sore muscles tomorrow!

photo 4

Congrats to Laura and her team for their hard word and a massive thank you for the support!


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