Fundraising Idea: Easter (Egg Hunt)

Easter is a great time to fundraise and with it being less than a month away now is a good time to get planning, there are several different Easter themed events/games/activities you could hold and we will be bringing them to you over the next couple of weeks…

But lets start with the traditional Easter Egg Hunt… who doesn’t love an Easter Egg Hunt? Whether you’re five or twenty five, Easter Egg Hunts are always fun (in my family it’s still a competition even though we are all in our twenties).

Get hunting…

How to arrange an Easter Egg Hunt?

  1. Sort a venue – where can you hold it? Outside is a great idea but remember to have a contingency plan for if the weather is bad…lets face it this is England the chances are fairly high. If you’re at university you could hold one around campus. Otherwise think about village halls, school grounds, community areas or parks. Remember to think about safety especially if you’re holding it for children, think about any potential dangers and how you can minimise them.
  2. Set a date – remember that people will often have family activities planned for Good Friday and Easter Sunday so holding the Easter Egg hunt the weekend before may be a good idea.
  3. Get some eggs – you can source your chocolate eggs from any retailers, keep an eye out for good deals in the larger supermarkets. If you know of a local chocolate manufacturer you could ask them to donate some chocolate towards the event in exchange for advertising.
  4. Decide what the event will involve – is it simply going to be the an easter egg hunt in an allotted amount of time or are you going to have riddles that lead people to different eggs/locations. Will you have a grand prize for the person who gets the most eggs (you could ask for donations from local shops) or is it simply you win what you find. There are lots of different set ups, think about who your target audience is and what you think they would like.
  5. Find people to help you on the day – get some friends and family to help you out on the day and make sure the event runs smoothly and people know whats going on. You will also need help with hiding the eggs, just make sure your volunteers don’t eat too many!!
  6. Advertise – create posters and fliers to put up around in the local community, ask local shops to display posters and ask friends and family to display them at their place of work. If the fundraiser is based at/near a school ask if they will advertise it for you. You could also ask your local radio station or newspaper to do a little shout out about the event.
  7. Raising money – work out how much you’re going to ask people to donate, you could ask for donations for between £2-£5 per entrance. Remember to make the most out of the event, you could also do other fundraising activities on the same day from a car wash to a raffle, from an Easter cake sale to a tombola… get your thinking caps on!!

All that’s left to be said is happy hunting!

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