Fundraising Idea: Easter Games

There are a couple of Easter themed games that you could set up over the coming weeks to help you raise money, check out our ideas below.

Mr Easter Bunny

Name the Easter Bunny

This is really simple to set up, you will need to buy a prize (more than likely an Easter bunny, or you could use an Easter Egg – see if you could get a local business to donate something in return for advertising on your form) and create a form for people to sign up to certain names. You can either pre-list the names of the bunny and get people to sign up to a certain one, or get people to pick names themselves, you can decide the winner by randomly pulling a name out of a hat. You could place a form in your local pub or shop and ask them to encourage people to sign up or if you’re at school/university you could set up a stall there for a day.

Easter Grid

Create a treasure hunt map on an A4 piece of paper on your computer that consists of lots of grid squares, then ask people to sign up to a square where they think the treasure (the Easter Eggs) has been hidden. If you create a grid square of 64 and ask people to donate a pound per square, again you can distribute them in local shops, places of work and pubs and encourage them to get people to sign up. Check out our example here. Remember to put your contact details on the form and the details of VESL, including our charity number (1117908) so if anyone wants to contact you/us they’re able to.

Guess how many Easter Eggs in the Jar

Fill a jar with lots of mini Easter Eggs and make sure you count how many are in there, then ask people to donate to guess how many are in there and the person that guesses that nearest amount wins the whole jar of chocolate-y goodness! Just try not to eat too many when you’re filling up the jar!

Easter Cake Sale

Time to get baking with an Easter theme… do you remember those little cakes that resembled birds nests (apparently aka as shredded wheat nests) that you used to make/eat at Easter as a child? Well it’s time to get baking them! You could also bake (if you’re feeling¬†adventurous) or buy some hot cross buns to sell. Check out this website for other Easter related cakes that you could get baking. You could also bake one big cake and get people to guess the weight, the winner gets the whole cake!

There are lots of Easter related ideas so crack out your Easter bonnet, get in the Easter spirit and get fundraising!!

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