Fundraising Idea: BBQ

Summer is here! Okay we may be getting ahead of ourselves but a GLIMPSE of summer is here and there are two bank holidays in May (plus obviously all the weekends!), so let’s hope for once we get good weather and can crack out the BBQ’s and some Pimms!

Get cookingWho doesn’t love a BBQ?

BBQ’s are a great way for friends to catch up, have a break from revision or that annoying dissertation and to eat yummy food! All you need to do is invite your friends and family and ask them to make a donation in return for delicious food and drinks.

If you know a band who would be willing to play, it is a great way of enticing more people to attend and livening up the atmosphere! You could also run some fun games or activities for children like ‘splat the rat’…who didn’t love that at the school fete?! Or just have a football lying around so people can get active.

What to provide?

Remember to keep costs minimal so that you make lots of money to go towards your target. You will need to provide plates, cups and cutlery…make sure you have enough or invest in some of the paper/plastic variety.

For food you could try approaching your local butcher or grocer to see if they are willing to make any donations in return for some advertising at your event (it depends how big your event will be as to how likely they are to agree). Alternatively pop to your local supermarket and stock up on BBQ foods, you could also provide coleslaw, potato salads and corn on the cobs if you’re feeling¬†adventurous.

All that’s left to be said is get cooking and enjoy the sun (fingers crossed!)…

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