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Katie in her local newspaper

Katie in her local newspaper

Think about all the ways you can raise awareness of your fundraising and also volunteering overseas. The more publicity you get the easier your fundraising job will be.

Local papers often respond positively when approached to do an article on you and your fundraising plans. Send them a press release or brief article about what you are doing and why.  Local newspapers are more likely to feature an article about you if you do the work for them; sending a picture and all the information they require to write the article will really help.

It’s very rare that people will respond directly to newspaper articles and donate funds.  However they are a great way to raise awareness and show that you are serious. They can also be a good way to advertise any events that you are undertaking, for example if you are doing a pub quiz in the local community then ask them to write a short paragraph about it and encourage people to come along. You may even be able to get them to do a follow up article after the event to say how much you raised!

You never know you might be approached by a local business who sees the article in the paper and wants to support you!

We have had lots of successful examples of volunteers obtaining publicity in local newspapers, including Aimee Hainsworth who got exposure on-line and a direct link to her Just Giving page and Katie Rodd who obtained coverage in her local newspaper!

Aimee had an article published online about her efforts

Aimee had an article published online about her efforts

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