Volunteer Case Study: Thailand: A Day In The Life

Check out this case study by Keele student, Katie Hill, who volunteered in Thailand in the summer of 2012 for six weeks. This year Katie is going back to Thailand as a Student Leader!

My day would typically start at about half 6 where I would get up showered and ready for school. At about 7.15 this was breakfast time, it was usually prepared and ready on the table for us. If we were not there our mum would be knocking on our bedroom door! Breakfast consisted of fresh fruits, sticky rice and sometimes sponge cake. We would then leave for school at about half 7, as it was a good 20 minutes drive to our school.

Katie with fellow volunteers Chloe & Ellie, with school teachers in traditional dress

Katie with fellow volunteers Chloe & Ellie, with school teachers in traditional dress

Arriving at school the children would always been waiting at the school gates to greet us waving and shouting ‘teacher teacher’ a lovely way to start your day. My teaching day varied from day to day, but most days I was teaching for 4 – 1 hour lessons. The children were a delight to teach and were full of energy. As you entered the classroom, all the children would stand and shout at the top of their voices ‘Good morning teacher, thank you teacher’ with my reply of good morning class please sit down.

I would usually start with a little 10 minute games, this could be pass the ball or something similar.┬áThen I would start the lesson which I had planned. One of my favourite lessons I did with the children was crown making, I have never seen so many smiles on the children’s faces – it was a priceless and unforgettable moment I have of them.

Student with the crown he made in Katie's class

Student with the crown he made in Katie’s class

My school day would usually end at around 5pm when our mum would drive us home. We would then either have a meal prepared by our mum or we would go out to a local restaurant. Some evenings we would go to the food market and choose what we would like to eat.

After my evening meal I would usually shower and then prepare my lessons for the next day or week. I would be tucked in bed my half 9!!

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