Next summer is shaping up to be an exciting one for us all. With December’s selection producing such a great set of volunteers we have high hopes for the March selection days and all of next year’s projects. (applications for next summer’s projects are open until 9th March so get your form sent in)

The interest in the teacher training workshop programme has already exceeded our expectations and almost all of the Lifecycle Fundraising subsidised places have now been filled. Not wanting to let any potential volunteers miss out on this fantastic opportunity we are now aiming to put together another team for the workshop programme. The hope is to make the most of as many skilled and experienced teachers as we possibly can.

We have been able to secure further funding to help subsidise this extra team and successful applicants will receive £200 towards their volunteer contribution. If you are interested in applying to join one of our workshop teams, please send us your completed application form before the 9th of March. The sooner you apply the more likely it is that we will be able to invite you to one of our selection days in March.

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