The current economic climate has been tough to weather and the charity sector certainly hasn’t been immune to the downturn, however, a side-effect of all this woe seems to be that volunteers are now planning further and further ahead. There are certainly encouraging signs for our projects in 2010. We now have a good number of volunteers already signed up to projects in 2010 and with any luck next year should be a great year for our programmes across Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.

The great thing about this new trend of applying early is that volunteers are giving themselves much more time to successfully fundraise and, with our support, we’re already seeing many volunteers making great headway with imaginative and resourceful fundraising activities this summer.

With any luck 2010 will shape up to be one to remember – if you’re interested in any of our projects, please download our info pack and send us your application form asap as no time is too early to start the ball rolling…

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