Our Teacher Workshop Team have just returned from our programme in Northern Thailand this summer and the feedback they received from the schools and Thai teachers who attended has been fantastic.

We’d like to take this opportunity to send a huge thank you to the team for all the hard work they put into making these workshops such a success this year.

We would also like to thank Mr. Nueng Yanarangsee (the VESL co-ordinator in Chiang Rai) without whom these workshops would have been possible.

Thanks must also go to Mr. Karan Janthranant who supported of the programme and to his school driver, Mr. Weerachai Wong, who drove the team through Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Phayao.

Thanks must go to all the host families in Chiang Rai that took in our team members; Mr. Pisit Kitjarak, Ms. Pongsri Kantasuk. and Ms.Sumitra and her husband.

In Chiang Rai we had great help from 9 other schools and local the school principals. Staff from Nueng’s school in Chiang Rai were also invaluable and they included the language staff and the ed. supervisor, Ms. Siriporn Boonyarasai.

The co-ordinator of Chiang Mai workshop in Nan was Ms. Nantira Sanjaiban; the co-ordinator of Phayao workshop was Ms. Sumitra Sukhimoke with her staff and ed. supervisor, Ms. Supin; thanks must go to them and their staff for all their assistance.

Finally, thanks must go to the directors of Chiang Rai Educational Service areas, Chiang Mai area 4, Chiang Rai area 1 and the school principal of Hangdongratrat school who let the trainers use their premises to host the workshops.

There are no doubt countless others who should have been included here and apologies to anyone not named in person – there really have been so many people involved in helping us run these workshops that we couldn’t name everyone but your support and effort was non-the-less as valuable.

After gathering more structured feedback we hope to be able to put together another programme of teacher workshops for July/August 2011 and build on the success we’ve had this year.

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