Fundraising Idea: Pancakes & Lent

Next week is a great time to get fundraising, Valentines Day (check out our post 2 weeks ago for ideas), Ash Wednesday and Lent all in one week!! So if you haven’t got started with your fundraising, the time has come…


Are you known for your love of a particular food/drink? Do you have a bad habit that your friends would love to see you give up?

Lent is the time to give up something that you love for 46 days*… chocolate, biscuits, crisps, sweets, smoking, alcohol… Ash Wednesday (the day Lent starts) is on the 13th February, so get planning what you’re going to give up…

*You may have thought that it was 40 days but traditionally every Sunday was celebrated at the Resurrection of Christ, not just Easter Sunday. Therefore fasting was forbidden on Sundays as it was seen as a day of celebration, meaning that the lent period is actually 46 days. We’re not sure you would raise as much money if you had every Sunday off…so time to give something up for 46 days!!

How do I raise money?

Sponsorship – Ask your friends and family to sponsor you for giving up the thing(s) you love. Use your Just Giving page to collect sponsorship, you can update your Just Giving page weekly with how you’re doing/how hard you’re finding it. Your friends not sure you can do it? Come up with a forfeit you will do if you don’t manage to do it!!

Get flipping…

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday (13th February 2013) itself is also a great day to raise money, you could have a pancake brunch or breakfast for your friends and ask them to donate money. You could also have a pancake evening meal and ask for donations from your friends of £10 to attend, provide different fillings for savory and sweet pancakes and you could hold a pancake flipping competition.

Lent themed Cake Sale – make cakes with all the things people typically give up for lent (chocolate, sweets etc) and have a cake sale on the 13th February so people can stock up before their 46 days of suffering!

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