Volunteer Activities: English Camps in Thailand

This Saturday 12 of our volunteers are running an English for Integrated Studies (EIS) Camp with two or our Student Leaders, Andrew and Fran, and our Programme Manager at a secondary school in Chiang Rai, Thailand. An English for Integrated Studies camp is a day of activities that encourages students to think of their other subjects in English and introduce new vocabulary while making English fun and engaging! This year our volunteers are focusing on Science and Maths as well as running some fun English stations.

This Saturday 190 students are attending the camp from 13-18 years old. Six stations have been arranged for students to rotate around, including two science, one maths and three English. We will be running science sessions on non renewable and renewable energies and getting students to create their own wind turbines and on internal organs and getting students to race to label the correct parts of the body. On our maths station will be using tangrams to teach shapes and recap on animal vocabulary. We have three English stations, one dedicated to songs and games, including singing the camp song ‘everywhere we go’ which we hope to have all students singing in the final ceremony! Our second English station gets students thinking about how they would get off a desert island and holding a mini press conference with the whole class and our final station focuses on understanding stories, story writing and rearranging sentences.

Volunteers are often asked to do English Camps at schools either on days schools are closed or one day at the weekend and they’re a great opportunity to have fun with the students while exposing them to English in a different way to the classroom. We try and encourage volunteers to get involved in at least one English Camp while on project. This week two volunteers, Tata and Victoria, ran a three day English camp at their school (a different age group each day) and the students had great fun learning new songs and playing English games. And we’ve heard plans of other volunteers getting involved in camps in their schools too!

Check back next week to find out how the camp at the weekend went… Hopefully we will have a video of 190 students signing ‘everywhere we go’…!

2012 EIS Camp (VESL Volunteers in white)

2012 EIS Camp (VESL volunteers & school staff in white)

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