Fundraising Idea: Treasure Maps & Lucky Squares

These are a really great, quick and easy way to get your fundraising started or to top up the last few missing pounds at the end! There are lots of different variations of this but the basic principle remains the same.

image (2)The basic idea is that you have a numbered grid and hidden somewhere in the grid is some ‘treasure’ – people sign up to the different squares in the grid by donating £1 or 2. On a given date you draw a number out of a hat and that person wins the ‘treasure’. Your treasure may be half of the money raised or a donated gift from a local business. If you have a 49 square grid and have been given some prizes from local businesses (maybe a giant Easter Egg if it’s near Easter, or a large cuddly toy), you could easily raise nearly £100 by placing the grids in a couple of local businesses (pubs, corner shops, delicatessens etc). You can download our VESL one here.

Our past volunteer, Hannah, did this using the theme of ‘Guess where the bear is’ and the winner won the bear, she placed the grids in a couple of her local shops and raised over £100.

Another variation is to do a lottery themed one and call it ‘Guess the Bonus Ball’ where the entrants have to guess what the bonus ball from the lottery will be on a given date (number a grid up to 49) – make sure you give enough time to get the squares filled otherwise you would need a contingency plan!

If you do this make sure that VESL’s details are on the bottom of the form with the registered charity number.

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