Fundraising Idea: Valentines Day

Whether you love it or hate it… Valentines Day is a good opportunity to do some fundraising, check out some of our ideas below:

Heart Cupcake for your Valentine

Secret Delivery

Arrange a stall in your university, at school or work and people can send a rose, home made cup cake with a heart on or chocolate heart lollipop to their secret recipient. Charge a certain amount per gift to each recipient, you could even get people to write messages for their secret admirer.

Set the stall up at the beginning of the week and make the deliveries on Valentines Day.

A volunteer (in 2013) set up a stall and sold roses and cakes, and managed to raise over £100 by delivering secret gifts! The roses were bought off Ebay for a cheap price to help increase profit margins!

Valentines Day Auction

Organise an auction at a local venue and ask local businesses for suitable Valentines Day donations in return for publicity at the event, this could be cinema tickets, meal vouchers for two at local restaurants, bottles of wine, spa vouchers or weekend get aways.

Invite your friends/family along and get them bidding to raise money for your target!!

And for those who aren’t such fans of Valentines Day….Anti Valentines Day Party/Meal

Invite all your friends over that dislike/hate Valentines Day and throw an Anti Valentines Day party or have a meal, decorate the room with black jagged hearts and make rules for the evening, for example anyone who says the V-word has to donate a pound to your target. Have a meal and make the messiest unromantic food you can think of (Spaghetti Bolognese, a huge burger etc) and ask friends to pay £10 each to attend.

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