How do you work out project start dates?

For short-term (4 – 6 week) projects we try to organise a number of different start dates throughout the summer as people have all sorts of commitments we need to work around.  These dates fall throughout June/July/August/September.

We ask for your preferred date and project length at selection and we try our best to match these to available projects.  We can’t guarantee that we’ll match everyone’s dates as it all depends on finding suitable partners and occasionally we need to work around overseas school holidays but we can usually be very flexible and will discuss options with you.

For longer term projects (3 – 12 month) we can be fairly flexible but we do, wherever possible, try to aim for January / June / September start dates to best fit in with school term dates.  Obviously, the more flexible you can be gives us the greater number of options to work with.  We regularly get requests that fall outside our key dates and we’re usually able to find one of our projects who is able to match the dates so if you have a date in mind and aren’t flexible yourself then get in touch and we can discuss the options that might be open to you…

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