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Not sure if you will be able to fundraise your contribution? It is not as hard as you might think and there are lots of different opportunities and ideas that will help you reach your target. A couple of past and current volunteers explain what they did to raise money:

Eve Hadshar, India 2011

To raise money for my VESL experience last year the main thing I did was to run a half marathon. My family and friends sponsored me very generously which spurred me on to complete the race and it was a great experience. I also did a car boot sale and wrote to local trusts and organisations describing the cause and asking for money, both of which were really easy and raised me around £300. Fundraising is not only easy (the simplest ideas are usually the best) but it helps you to think about and appreciate what you are raising the money for, and therefore prepares you for your experience.

Hannah Pilcher, Thailand 2011

ummm… donuts

I made a Just Giving page and created a Facebook group telling my friends about the project, including a link to my Just Giving page – this led to a lot of my friends and family donating. Me and Eleanor (another volunteer) sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts across campus (you can apply online and get them at a discounted price). I organised an event in a bar where I worked at the time, I charged £2 for entry, sold shots, did face painting, sold cakes and treats, put buckets on the bar, tattoos etc – I raised £500 in one night. I also bought a couple of teddy bears and gave them to local businesses along with a guess the bear grid, it was £1 entry and the winner won the bear.

If you’re stuck for ideas you could also checkout the Fundraising Ideas on

Amy Kerr, India 2011

I entered the Edinburgh Half Marathon and asked people to sponsor me, the support I received was amazing, and I raised a great amount of money, but still needed to raise more. I had a huge clear out of my belongings and headed to a car boot sale which was a great success, and I made over £100. My last fundraising idea was a bit of a risk as I was unsure of how successful it could be, but kept thinking ‘every little helps’ I invited friends and family to my house for a Jamie at Home party, everyone bought something and some people just gave me a donation, the lady that was selling the products gave me her percentage of profits, which came to over £100 and helped me reach my target.

Ethan Clarke, Thailand Coordinator (Keele University), 2012

The volunteers sent letters out to most of the local supermarkets and were offered a bag packing opportunity at Morrisons. To ensure we looked the part Katie, one of the volunteers, organised some (£15) t-shirts made with the VESL logo, our names and “Keele 2012” printed on them, they look very swanky! With help from a few friends and family the bag pack went on from 10am until 4pm and in total the volunteers raised £324, which isn’t bad going for a day’s work!

Other activities volunteers are doing in 2012:

View from Mount Snowdon

  • Sponsored head shave
  • Sponsored sky dive
  • Sponsored walk up Mount Snowdon
  • Raffles
  • Bake sales
  • Union nights
  • Film nights
  • Writing to local trusts and foundations
  • Cash for clothes
  • Sell old CDs, DVDs, PS games etc at Music Magpie


Remember to read through VESL’s fundraising guide, given to everyone who attends an info & selection event, e-mail [email protected] if you would like to find out when our next event is and would like a copy.


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