Help! It’s monsoon season!

A lot of our volunteers go out in the summer months to fit in around university and teaching holidays, unfortunately this means that it is monsoon season in Thailand, India and Sri Lanka! Locals will try and stay inside when it is monsoon rain but there are times where you get caught out in it…and you will get soaked. I was told that you get wetter than when you have a shower, which makes no sense but I totally understand what those words of wisdom now mean!!

So here are a list of tips to help keep you dry in those torrential rains.

  1. Take a waterproof jacket
    – they are small and compact to won’t take up much room in your luggage.
  2. Keep an umbrella handy
    – you can buy this when you are out there, you never know when the rain will strike!
  3. Take a waterproof backpack
    – if you haven’t already bought a backpack you might want to have a look into buying a water proof one, but there are other options to waterproof your bag (see below)
  4. Backpack cover
    – buy a waterproof cover for your backpack if it isn’t already waterproof, then you can whip it out when that rain starts
  5. Inner liner
    – another option is to get a waterproof liner for your bag (doing both means your doubly protected – after all you really don’t want wet clothes!) or alternatively just packing everything in a black big liner has a similar affect.
  6. Small seal-able  bags
    – take lots of seal-able plastic bags where you can keep your valuables and know they won’t get wet, the last thing you want to do is ruin your camera and not be able to take photos for the rest of the trip!
  7. Shoes
    – there is no need to take wellies – locals would definitely wonder what you were doing! Unless you want to invest in rubber boots when out there I would suggest wearing flip flops as the water can just easily drain away! The problem with trainer type shoes is that they will just get soaked and you will have to squelch around for the rest of the day. Avoid dirty puddles of water when in open shoes, if you have any cuts make sure they are totally covered (waterproof plasters or blister plasters work well). When you get home thoroughly wash your feet in clean water.

Good luck surviving the monsoon – if you can’t avoid it just embrace it!!

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