Fundraising: Just Giving

Setting up a Just Giving page is really easy and only takes a couple of minutes, although we would suggest spending a little longer to make your page stand out and engage your page visitors!

How do I set up a page?

Just go to and then click on ‘make a page’. You can then edit your page by adding in extra details:

  • Add a photograph of yourself and/or use some off the VESL website
  • Write a little bit about yourself – why you are doing the project, when you’re going etc.
  • Write a little bit about VESL – use our ‘about us‘ pages to get information about our aims and use our country profiles to get information about your project.
  • Add updates on your page about how your fundraising is going – you can also record a video update, to make your page more engaging!

How do I raise money?

There are lots of different ways you can use your fundraising page to raise money towards your target:

  • Do a sponsored event, also check out Just Giving’s inspiration for different fundraising ideas. A past volunteer raised over £800 by using her Just Giving page to raise money for running a half marathon to go towards her target. 
  • Write to local businesses or organisations asking for donations and direct them to your Just Giving page, often people will feel more comfortable donating via a platform such as Just Giving. A volunteer this year wrote to her previous school and they donated £80 on her Just Giving page!
  • Use social media to maximise your audience and ask your friends and family to help you reach you target! A past volunteer raised nearly £270 by distributing his page among friends & family and asking for sponsorship. 
  • Set up Just Texting – this means your friends can easily text a donation to your page, making it easy to encourage people to donate when you are out and about! For example if you are at a gathering of friends or family you could get them all to text in £2 – a quick and easy way to help you reach your target!

Note: when you set up a Just Giving page we will automatically be notified that you have set up a page and your money will come straight to us!

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