Fundraising Idea: Film Night

Start off the term back at University with a Film Night showing films related to your destination country!

Added bonus – you can make your friends jealous of your exciting summer plans!

Time to get popping


You could hold the event at your house if there is enough space and you aren’t inviting too many people. Alternatively you could ask if you could hire a room in a university building, a village hall or other community space.

You could either set a donation amount or leave it open for people to decide how much they want to donate. Providing popcorn and some drinks (cheap drinks like squash are ideal) might help encourage people to attend.

Advertise your event to your friends. If you’re holding it at a bigger venue you could see if they could also do some advertising whether that is through your Student Union or through your local community (newsletter, notices in local shops etc).

Remember to make the most of your event, you could also hold a raffle at the same time, or have a small cake sale too…Every little helps!

What shall we watch?

Check out our ideas for films you could watch depending on which country you are going to below:


  • The Beach – a young man (Leonardo DiCaprio) travels to Thailand and finds himself in the possession of a strange map which he is told will lead him to a tropical paradise, the film follows the search and discovery of the magical island.
  • Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason – partly set in Thailand, Bridget has found love after the first instalment of Bridget Jones but worries she has made the wrong decision which leads her to Thailand and eventually in a Thai prison after packing a gift from a local.
  • The Hangover Part II – it’s Stu’s wedding in Thailand so Phil, Alan and Doug jet across to Thailand for the nuptials, but things go wrong on the stag night, will they make it back in time for the wedding?
  • Bright Rainbow After The Rain – filmed by Thai students in Phayao (VESL recently expanded to this area of Northern Thailand), this is the story of two girls from different economic backgrounds with the desire to study abroad, this is a story of friendship, sacrifice and determination. The aim of the film was to encourage students in Thailand to learn English, the film is entirely in English, the actors are students from a local school and can be found on YouTube.


  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – a film about several British pensioners who decide to move to a retirement hotel in India which does not live up to their expectations, but slowly they begin to fall for the charm of the place.
  • Slum Dog Millionaire – set in Mumbai this film focuses on a young boy who grew up in the slums in  Mumbai and enters the Indian version of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’.
  • Octopussy (James Bond) – partly filmed in Udaipur in Northern India, this James Bond film focuses on a fake faberge egg which leads to the unravelling of a planned nuclear attack on NATO.

Sri Lanka:

  • Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom – yes it is set in India but it was filmed in Sri Lanka after Indian authorities demanded too many changes to the script, so you can get a taste of Sri Lankan scenery (filmed near Kandy)!!

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