Fundraising Idea: Clearing out your junk

Having a clear out is a great way to raise money, sometimes you don’t have enough for a car boot sale or you just may not have enough time to organise one. If you’re a university student and heading home this Easter it could be a great time to have a clear out of the stuff you left behind! So here are a couple of websites and things you can do to raise money by selling your things.

Clear out time

Clear out time

Music Magpie

Music Magpie is a website that lets you sell your old DVDs, CDs and Games on-line, it’s very quick and easy. All you need to do is type in the barcode of the item you want to get rid of and it will give you a price for your item. You can also trade in any old electronic items that you no longer want. You will need to enter 10 items as a minimum, once this has done you arrange for a free courier to come and pick the items up from you and you will get cash for you items. Easy! A past volunteer from Edge Hill used this method last year and raised nearly £40.

Cash for Clothes

Cash for clothes is another website, this website gives you up to 50p per kilogram of clean clothing (including shoes, handbags and belts). They collect in most areas across the UK but not all, so make sure you check they come to your area first! All you need to do is book a collection by e-mail (if you have over ten bags you need to let them know) and wait for them to come and pick up your bags, the clothes are weighed there and then and they give you cash straight away.

Time to start collecting your books

Time to start collecting your book

Fat Brain

Have you been holding on to books since first year convincing yourself you’ll still need them but haven’t touched them for ages?! Are you about to graduate and want to see the back of your university books? Fat Brain is a website where you can sell your university books by typing in their ISBN code, you can then add it to your ‘sell basket’, you will need to have over £15 worth of books to be able to sell them. Fat Brain will provide you with a Royal Mail free shipping label which you can print from your computer. The money for your books can be paid by cheque or via paypal once Fat Brain have your books.


As well as the above websites you can also sell individual items on Amazon and on Ebay, remember you can also sell books on Amazon through their marketplace. If you have items that you think are worth more than any of the above websites offer it is worth putting them on Ebay/Amazon.

Organise a mobile phone drive

Organise a mobile phone drive

Mobile Phones

If you have any old mobile phones there are plenty of websites out there that buy old mobile phones back from you for varying prices depending on how up to date they are and the quality they are in. You could run a mobile phone drive and get people to drop off their old mobile phones to  you, you could then organise their collection through numerous websites that offer mobile phone trade ins.

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