Fundraising Idea: Coffee Morning or Afternoon Tea

It’s time to find your inner Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood and get baking!

How to organise

  1. Time to get baking!

    Time to get baking!

    Find a venue – you could do this in your house, in a village hall or community gathering point. You may be able to hold it at your a school you’re associated with and invite all the parents.

  2. Set a date – make sure you leave enough time to tell your friends and family. If you’re in the middle of exams/dissertation writing at the moment then this could be the perfect break from all your hard work.
  3. Advertising – if you’re only having a small coffee morning for friends and family then you can invite them through word of mouth and social media. If you’re having a bigger community event then you could send a press release to your local newspaper and put leaflets up around the village.
  4. Preparation – make sure you have enough tea and coffee (and milk and sugar) as well as mugs! Bake (or buy if you’re cooking skills aren’t up to scratch!) lots of cakes. Also have a donation bucket for people who are attending and have some information about VESL handy (e-mail Lauren, [email protected], to get some leaflets posted to you).
  5. Little bit extra – remember to make the most of an event – you could make some big cakes (like a Victoria sponge) and people could donate money for the whole cake to take home with them, you could run a raffle at the event or run a small quiz with a prize. Also remember that this is a great opportunity to get people to help you out with coming up with new ideas, ask around and see if people have any suggestions!

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