Fundraising idea: Match Funding

Match funding is when a company you work for or are associated with match the funds that you’re raising for charity, companies do this as a way of encouraging people to do charitable activities. Lots of larger (and sometimes small companies) will have funds set aside specifically for match funding and some small companies are happy to match funds you raise for charity. Examples of some larger organisations that have match funding schemes include:

Match Funding

Match Funding

  • Boots – The Make the Difference Fund
  • Barclays – £ for £
  • Lloyds TSB – Match Giving Scheme
  • Vodka Revolution – Raise It Match It Scheme

Some schemes will match a total amount fundraising up to a maximum of normally £500 and others will only match funds from a specific event. To find out whether your company runs a match giving scheme speak to your manager or someone in HR to find out. This year Tasha Williams received match funding from Easy Gates for the charity gig she held and Amy Walker is receiving match funding from Vodka Revolution for the whole amount she raised so far. We have also had past volunteers receive match funding from Barclays and from Haslams Estate Agents.

A huge thank you to all of the companies that have supported our volunteers in the past, it is great to see so many helping volunteers raise money for charity!

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