India: A Volunteers Guide From Start To Finish: Part Five: Weekends

Becky’s fifth and final instalment covering her trip to India touches on travelling, whether at weekends or before/after your project, Kerala (and the rest of India!) has some amazing places that you can visit!

Remember if you have missed her other posts, you can start from part one by clicking here!

Becky relaxing on a houseboat in Kerala

Becky relaxing on a houseboat in Kerala

If you go travelling during the weekends, or afterwards, make sure you plan in advance as best you can. Travelling India is not an easy task if you’re unprepared, so look into places before your trip and always check trains or buses a few days before. As long as you do that, you will get around with ease.

During our trip, we were travelling every weekend, and also for two weeks after we finished teaching. I completely fell in love with the country! You can take tours that are available at most places, and are advertised all over, but even if you just walk around the places you are in you will always find something to do.

Getting soaked!

Getting soaked!

I would recommend looking for different, random things to do, because we did and they always ended up the highlight of our day. I really want to make the point that India is not as scary as people make out. Yes, there are people taking pictures of you all over, but everybody is really friendly and we never encountered anything that really alarmed us once.

I was travelling with just two other girls, and we were fine. Obviously be precautions and have your wits about you, as you would in any foreign country, but don’t let the fear of India’s media reputation stop you from having the most amazing time.

I would definitely encourage anybody to take part in this volunteering project. It has been an amazing experience and I have learnt so much from it. It feels so good to be a part of something that gives to communities that have very little, but appreciate every little thing they have and are always smiling. Once you have experienced India in its true form, it will never leave you!


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