Fundraising: Inspirational Ideas & Quotes!

It is always great to get some advice and ideas from our past volunteers so make sure you check out these mini case studies on how people reached their fundraising targets below!

“I did an Open Mic Night and a fancy dress sponsored walk. Both were fantastic and I couldn’t have done without all my friends. For the Open Mic Night I had to book a room and invite as many people as I could! I did a raffle and some games to get more money on the night. Booking a P.A and making sure I had at least 8 people willing to play/sing/do stand up! It was an amazing fantastic night, I raised £550. I also organised a fancy dress walk around Edale where I asked everyone to raise at least £10, with the person who raised the most getting a free pint at the pub.” Emma Warrington, Thailand 

29596_10151616291615957_774516337_n“My local pub specializes in cocktails. So I told them what I was doing and asked them to do a special cocktail, a Ceylon Island Ice Tea for me. I can’t remember what was in it, I don’t actually drink so I didn’t try it but my friends drank a few for me. The pub gave me 50p from each cocktail sold. I think I rose about 30GBP. Also I did a few dinner parties for my friends. I cooked a three course meal. I asked them to bring drinks. I charged them 10GBP for it. I worked out that food costs cost me less than 5GBP a head so I made a profit of about 30 or 40GBP each dinner. I did about 4 of these in the months before I left.” Kath McGuire, Sri Lanka

“I contacted my previous employer to see if they would donate any money towards my project and they donated £100. I then decided to hold a raffle so contacted lots of local shops, including a store I used to work at who donated a £20 gift voucher, other items that shops donated included a £50 hair cut voucher, Starbucks goody bags, bottles of local cider, entrance to a local amusement park, a gift box from Lush and much more – it helped me raise nearly £120.” Lauren Pluss, India

Baking time!

Baking time!

“My advice is to tell as many people as possible because you might just get money from places you didn’t expect. My friend’s granddad just happened to a trustee of a trust and I received a £300 cheque in the post out of the blue because she mentioned my trip in a family newsletter! I also applied for funding from my local authority which had a special funding pot for young people and got another £300. Get your family talking about it too. My mum swapped a quilt she’d made in return for £100 from a guy at her work. I also took part on a fundraising cake sale and we made about £70 in a day. All that along with friends and family being very generous I raised about £1200 in total. It’s important to remember you’ll need to pay for more than the placement. Don’t be afraid to pester people either!” Ellie Livermore, Thailand 

“My grandma hand knitted small Easter chickens with a hole in the bottom which we then stuck Cadbury’s Creme eggs under and sold for £2 each. I used my grandma’s particular skill in knitting to help with my fundraising. We made £128 altogether through this way of fundraising. I also volunteered in Castle Museum in York for a while and asked if they would help me raise money for my project. For the day they put me in stocks and charged £1 to throw went sponges at me. This also helped promote their prison open day which benefited us both. From this day and fundraising event we only made £92 but every little bit helps towards the bigger sum.” Stacey Cawthorne, Thailand 

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