Fundraising: Plan Plan Plan

So we know that planning may seem REALLY BORING, especially when you have course deadlines and jobs to contend with BUT planning is really important when it comes to fundraising. You don’t want it to be two months before you go overseas and then realise that you suddenly have a lot to do!!

So make sure you sit down at some point and think about making a plan of different activities you could do at different times of year to help with your fundraising. What’s coming up in the diary – Birthday? Valentines day? Christmas? Easter? Bank holidays? Mother’s Day? There are tonnes of events in the year that lend themselves to great fundraising potential!

We have put  together an example of a volunteers’ plan who has a target of £990 and four – five months to raise the money (remember we ask for your fundraising to be completed one month before you head overseas!):


  • Donate £250 deposit to VESL – £740 left to raise – deadline beginning of May.
  • Sign up for a sponsored event that takes place in March (for example The Major Series).
  • Set up my Just Giving page and personalise with details about the sponsored event – get circulating! Aim to raise £150.


  • Lucy Allcock raised over £300 by doing a car boot sale

    Lucy Allcock raised over £300 by doing a car boot sale

    Run a fundraising event based around Valentines Day – run a secret delivery service at uni, ask for £5 donation per rose with personalised message and £10 for rose, personalised message and box of chocolates. Aim to raise £75.

  • Spend an afternoon writing to Trusts & Foundations for grants. Aim to raise £250.
  • Contact supermarkets in view of running a bag packing event there in April.


  • Do a clear out of all my stuff at home and at university and have a car boot sale. Aim to raise £100.
  • Do my sponsored event!!


  • Do bag packing at a supermarket, ask friends to help out. Aim to raise £150.


  • Do a collection at my union on a night out (with their permission – contact them in April). Aim to raise £50.
  • Donate remainder of money to VESL.



Total: £1025

We have been quite conservative with the targets for each individual activity, it is likely that for most activities a volunteer would raise more that what we have estimated – but it’s best to over estimate! Any additional funds that volunteers raise are used to help run the charity and providing funding for the Wild Fund.

Give yourself inspiration – download a photo from our website and stick it somewhere you will walk past everyday so that you’re motivated to raise the money!! Remember that fundraising can be fun, sit down with a group of friends and brainstorm how you can raise the money one evening (with a glass of wine or hot chocolate!). Remember to check out the rest of our blog for more inspiration and ideas! And feel free to send us your plan so we can pop it up on the blog for others to see!


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