Fundraising: Murder Mystery Evening

A Murder Mystery Evening is a  great opportunity to get all dressed up, have a lovely meal and be dramatic!!

1460047_10151749839455957_1510022606_nWhat is a Murder Mystery Evening?

You can buy murder mystery sets from department stores or on-line at places like Amazon, they are geared up for a certain number of people (6-8 players, 10-12 players etc). When you get your box you will have a list of characters that you assign to people and invites that you can then send to them describing who they are and ideas for what they should wear. Everyone will then arrive on the designated night in character!

When guests arrive they will get a booklet for their character and it will have the evenings activities and script in it, it is normally based around a meal and in between courses you read designated parts of the script. This will eventually lead to ‘guess who did it’ at the end of the evening before the ‘murderer’ is revealed!

How to make into a fundraising event?

Ask each guest who attends to donate £10-£15 to cover the food costs and to enable you to raise some money. If you aim to have in excess of £5 left from every donation (not allocated to covering costs) then you can make £50 from inviting 10 friends to attend your meal! Not only is this a great fundraising idea it is also a great opportunity to catch up with your friends and have fun!

Theme the meal around the country you’re going to, for example if you’re going to India make a huge curry – this will help to keep costs down and can be prepared in advance – leaving you plenty of time to get into character and have a fun evening!

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