Volunteer Safety Overseas

Q. How do you ensure my safety overseas?

A. This is an important consideration for many volunteers.  Heading out to work in an unknown environment, far from from friends and family, can be an incredibly daunting prospect for those without experience of traveling overseas.

Volunteer safety is of paramount importance to us here at VESL.  Each new project is vetted by an in-country co-ordinator before volunteers are sent to it.  We identify reliable local emergency contacts and find supportive hosts who can offer immediate assistance on the ground if the need should arise.

We closely follow the official travel advice issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the safety of the areas in which we work and react quickly to any changing events.  We have a great deal of experience of working in the changing political environment within South East Asia and have a proven track record having run successful volunteer projects throughout both peaceful and troubled times, maintaining happy, contented and safe volunteers.

As added security VESL takes out comprehensive travel, medical and liabilities insurance cover out for all volunteers and safety advice is given to all volunteers during pre-departure training.

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