What makes VESL different from most other organisations?




  • VESL is a registered charity & is not run for profit.
  • VESL works closely with host communities and local education authorities to identify worthwhile projects before matching volunteers’ skills and experiences to them.
  • VESL aims to challenge every volunteers and given them a rewarding experience and the opportunity to make a real difference.
  • VESL is run by a dedicated team of experienced past volunteers.
  • VESL strives to keep overheads to a bare minimum to ensure costs are kept as low as possible for its volunteers.  We remain fully transparent and no profit is made from any volunteer contributions.  All this helps to keep our project costs far lower than most other organisations sending volunteers overseas.
  • VESL takes out comprehensive insurance out for every volunteer which includes travel cover, medical cover and professional liabilities insurance which is necessary to work in schools – an aspect of volunteering in schools overseas that is frequently overlooked by most organisations.
  • VESL’s selection process helps us to place volunteers in the right project to match their skills set, past experience and character.
  • VESL provides pre-departure training for all volunteers, imparting the confidence and skills to help volunteers make a success of their project.
  • VESL’s volunteers receive ongoing in-country support from local representatives and programme co-ordinators who are able to assist on the ground if the need should arise.

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