What do I bring as my ‘Teaching Object’?

We ask everyone invited to attend a selection event to bring along a ‘teaching object’, teaching aid or resource that you would find useful when teaching English overseas. It can be anything you like and can be for general use or for a specific lesson. You get a chance to discuss your choice of object / resource and its intended use during your interview. If you’re not able to bring the physical object you can simply discuss the object you decided upon.

There are endless possibilities for resources and ideas and we are always being surprised by how imaginative people can be; coming up with 100 ways to us a small cardboard box with lesson ideas for the novice to the expert or 10 ways to turn your pillow case into an interactive resource… It doesn’t have to be wacky or inventive though. You could stick to a general resource that’s versatile and doesn’t tie itself to one particular lesson. Something that can be adapted for use in lots of situations or can be re-used…

However, it’s important not just to bring along a random object but to think of specific example uses for the resource too… If you’re feeling panicked and your minds a blank then try googling ‘tefl teaching ideas’ or ‘tefl teaching resources’ to get the creative juices flowing – there are literally thousands of sites out there filled with ideas so there’s no excuse to turn up without an object (physical or theoretical) to talk about!

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