Why does volunteering overseas cost money?

All of our volunteers are required to contribute towards the cost of setting up, supporting and running their project.  A charity not asking for contributions towards the cost of running its programme isn’t likely to support you overseas!

VESL is a registered charity and not run for profit. Everyone within VESL has experience as an overseas volunteer and understands the difficulties associated with finding an organisation that you can trust to organise your project well, keep you safe and be transparent with its costs.

VESL feels that it is essential for us to keep to the following key principles where cost is concerned :

  • Keep the amount that volunteers contribute towards their placements to a minimum to ensure VESL is able to remain as inclusive as possible.
  • Support volunteers in their fundraising efforts and actively encourage volunteers to fundraise their volunteer contribution – not simply pay it.
  • Send volunteers to projects at no cost to host families or the local communities.
  • Keep administration costs to a minimum to ensure that as much money as possible goes directly towards VESL’s charitable aims.
  • Make our costs as transparent as possible. (all budgets are reviewed by the board of trustees who are all past volunteers)
  • Give volunteers back up and support during their placement, using experienced in-country staff whenever possible.
  • Provide volunteers with dedicated NGO level travel, medical and liabilities insurance to cover volunteers to working overseas.

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