Why can’t I volunteer in India for more than 5 months?

As things currently stand, the Indian authorities ‘issue‘ a visa to start on the ‘date of issue‘ rather than the ‘date of entry‘; in other words, your visa runs from the date it gets stamped into your passport.  This means that you’ll need to leave the application until as late as is comfortably possible.  In practice that is between 2 – 4 weeks before your planned departure.  This should give you somewhere between 5 and 5 1/2 months left on your visa by the time you actually enter India.  It’s not possible to extend your visa beyond this period without leaving India and applying for a new visa.

The Indian authorities currently require that you leave a gap of at least 2 months between entry dates so hoping over to Sri Lanka to re-apply isn’t a solution to this problem unfortunately…

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