Fundraising Idea: Events & Occasions

A great way to fundraise is to hold an event on a special occasion or holiday, so we have put together a list of different holidays and events throughout the year so you can start planning your fundraising events now…

1st January – New Years Day – time to think of those new years resolutions, get sponsored to give up something you love doing (maybe not for the whole year!)

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties for dinner

25th January – Burns Night– time to buy some haggis, get out the neeps (aka turnips) and tatties (aka potatoes) and invite your friends around for a traditional Scottish meal and celebrate Burns Night, ask them to donate money towards your fundraising target- maybe don’t tell them what is in the haggis until they’ve eaten it!

10th February (2013) – Chinese New Year – you could cook some Chinese food and invite your guests around for a dinner party, or you could go to your local Chinese restaurant and ask them to put together a set menu for you, then charge your guests slightly more and put the profit towards your target.

12th February (2013) – Shrove Tuesday – get the pancake batter made, invite your friends over and get flipping!

14th February – Valentines Day – depending on your current situation depends on what you might be doing on this day, but there are several things you could do to raise money, from a meal to selling flowers to delivering secret messages. Or you could hold an anti-valentines day party… could be quite popular!

17th March – St Patricks Day – time to dye your beer green and dress up as a leprechaun, hold a party and invite your friends round!

31st March (2013) – Easter Sunday – hold an Easter Egg hunt in your local community, ask local confectioners to donate chocolate and charge a small entrance fee for children (and adults) who want to participate.

6th & 27th May (2013) – May Bank Holidays – traditionally times of rain, but fingers crossed at one of them the sun will decide to show its face! If it does rock out the BBQ and get sizzling!

21st June – Summer Solstice – you could have a BBQ or organise an early morning sponsored walk finishing with a yummy breakfast.

26th August (2013) – August Bank Holiday – pray the weather is sunny once again and get the BBQ out

Get your scare on

31st October – Halloween – dig out your scary costumes and have a party, give a prize for the person in the best costume!

5th November – Guy Fawkes – Invite your friends & family around, stock up on hot chocolate, make some pasties, buy some fireworks…or watch your neighbours!.

28th November (2013) – Thanksgiving – look up the recipe for a pumpkin pie (they are actually tasty, I promise!), get the turkey baking and invite your friends over for a thanksgiving meal! You could make a recipe book of all the delicious food you have made and sell it to your friends & family.

December – you could hold any number of Christmas related events, from a pre-Christmas meal for your friends, to baking Christmas themed cakes and selling them at work/university, to creating your own Christmas Hampers and selling them to friends/family. You could also ask for donations instead of Christmas presents to help you reach your fundraising target. Or you could do a sponsored 5km run/jog/walk dressed up as Santa, check out our Support Us page to see if there is an event near you!

Other Events

There are plenty of other events during the year that could be ideal times to raise money. These can include your birthday, sporting events (Wimbledon, Football matches, Grand Prix), national events (Olympics, Queen’s Jubilee) or local events (markets, fêtes, celebrations etc.)  . Or you can of course just hold at event an any time of the year to raise money, take a look at our case study by Sarah Redgewell who held a charity night at her local  bar. 

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