Volunteer Feedback – Anna-Kristina Larsson, India Volunteer 2007

This feedback was sent to us whilst Anna was still on project in Andhra Pradesh, Southern India, in 2007.  


Anna’s project was a 3 month project which involved teaching in a number of small primary schools and local NGO support work.  The project was located within a rural area of north-eastern Andhra Pradesh, north of the Godavari River.

“We spent the first couple of weeks getting to know the NGO as an organization as well as its people working in the field and in the office in Rajahmundry. Our little house in the village has got two rooms and a kitchen and we share it with our host, a girl called Kumari. She cooks and stays with us during the day to help us when language fails, she has some English and we are hoping to help her improve her communication skills before we leave. Weekends at the Prasads’ house are a break from village life and we try to help out as much as we can in the office, our English comes in useful when the NGO is writing reports to their support organizations.

“The NGO field workers took us to several different villages where we conducted introductory classes to children of varying ages, gathered together spontaneously or for the purpose of supporting the NGO’s Disaster Management instruction. These sessions gave us a good opportunity to assess the children’s level of English.

“We have established a good relationship with teachers and community organisers and there is a big interest in our participation. This also means that we can fit more teaching into our days.

“Our aim is to teach in schools for blocks of two weeks, our impression from visits made is that there is strong interest from both children and teachers and we have the support of the field workers.

“Regarding our accommodation, food, host and other friends we are very well looked after. Our little house has become a place where NGO field workers and neighbours come to meet in the evenings and this is certainly adding to our experience here. Our host helps us with our cooking and when language fails, in return we try to help her improve her English.

“I would just like to send you a big thanks again for accepting me on your program, truly an invaluable experience and hopefully a positive one for everyone we meet along the way.”

– Anna-Kristina Larsson, VESL Volunteer 2007 – (currently on project).

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